Getting familiar|KISC Autumn 2018

It's been a month. The time I thought would take forever to pass, has passed. Most of the things I thought I would never learn, I have learned. What I thought wouldn't work out, worked out just fine. On Saturday I was in catering. We met up at 7:15 as we usually do, but the… Continue reading Getting familiar|KISC Autumn 2018


Below, in and above the clouds|KISC Autumn 2018

Monday and Tuesday I spent in Grounds and Catering. In Grounds, I took care of two tiny pine trees that had been planted on the lawn in front of the centre, because the lawn was flooded. So I dug out a drain and filled it with stones. A lot of work for such small trees,… Continue reading Below, in and above the clouds|KISC Autumn 2018

Hiking up “First”|KISC autumn 2018

I feel like today deserves its own post. If no day gets better than this day, I will still feel like this season at KISC has been worth it. Roy, Eemeli and I started our hike at about 8:30 AM.We went to the Allmenalp cable car, and went up. Then we began our hike. We… Continue reading Hiking up “First”|KISC autumn 2018

Arrival and training|KISC Autumn 2018

When I first arrived at Kandersteg International Scout Centre I felt strangely at home. I don't know why, but perhaps it was because it was filled with scouts. And smelled familiar. I had a very intense first day, every single face was new and I had only had about 6 hours of sleep. Towards the… Continue reading Arrival and training|KISC Autumn 2018

Travel diary – Munich

Hallo hallo. I’m writing from Munich, Germany on the 26th of June. It is almost 7 pm, and I have just come home to my room. I am on a 2-week German-course, in order to get better at German, and I have already improved. I came to my host family yesterday, and they are really… Continue reading Travel diary – Munich

Amsterdam adventures

I gave my sister a trip to Amsterdam for her 18th birthday. Win-win situation for me, as I got to go with her. We went away this Monday, and came back yesterday. We have done so much, and yet so little. We have seen a lot of tourist attractions, but far from all of them.… Continue reading Amsterdam adventures

Week 5: Mildura

Monday morning I woke up still in Colignan, so the clock said 6:30. It was freezing cold that morning, and the first bus was also cold. After two buses in total, we got to the school which was the same as usual. We bought Lunch from the Cafe across the street, but everything else was… Continue reading Week 5: Mildura

Week 4: Mildura

I left Sydney Monday morning at around 12. It was a very small plane, with about 23 people in it. Only a few got of at Mildura, and some continued in the same plane. When I first got out, it was very quiet. My plane was the only one there, and I only had to… Continue reading Week 4: Mildura