Book review: Since you’ve been gone

Morgan Watson's "Since you've been gone" is the first book I've read since leaving for Switzerland and it seems highly appropriate. It is the story of wallflower Emily whose best friend, Sloane, disappears. Sloane is probably the definition of an extrovert, while Emily is an introvert. Before leaving, Sloane writes Emily a list of things… Continue reading Book review: Since you’ve been gone


Book review: Here’s looking at you

Is it a rule of thumb that Mhairi McFarlane's books can be read in 2 days? These past two books I've read by her has been easy to read and very entertaining. While her first book, You had me at Hello, is a very classic and sweet love story, this book also deals with body… Continue reading Book review: Here’s looking at you

Book review: The Poisonwood Bible

"The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver was very intimidating at first. Maybe because I got a very old version with yellowy pages and a black, worn-out cover. Maybe because it was so long. But once I got a couple of chapters in, I was hooked. This one is very different from the two other Kingsolver… Continue reading Book review: The Poisonwood Bible

Book review: It’s kind of a funny story

When I started reading "It's kind of a funny story" by Ned Vizzini I thought to myself: "this story is exactly like Perks of being a Wallflower". It's a depressed guy who nearly commits suicide and we don't know why he is depressed. Did I really have to read the same story twice? Turns out,… Continue reading Book review: It’s kind of a funny story