I’m doing a year without shopping

You know that feeling when you look inside your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Or when you spend a whole day walking in and out of stores and ending up only finding 1 of the items you had decided you needed?

Need. That’s the key-word. What if we decided that we have enough. You probably have over 10 t-shirts and more than 5 pairs of pants or dresses. How is that not enough?

Recently, walking past stores on a busy Saturday morning is making me feel so hopeless and sad. All these people buying stuff they don’t need, just to fill up some empty space somewhere. Maybe inside them.

So I’ve had it. I am quitting shopping. I am going to try going for a whole year, without buying any clothes or unnecessary beauty products (such as make-up, fancy lotion or hair masks).

I’m swapping clothes and beauty out with quality time with family, good food, nature, gardening, creative projects and reading good books. I am going to feel awesome!

So how does this work? I am going to be following this hierarchy of buying:

buyerarchy of needs

Source: http://moralfibres.co.uk/ethical-fashion-resources-buyerarchy-needs/

Where I am going to focus on what I already have. These are some of my plans:

  • Sew a new dress out of one of my mom’s old dresses (already working on that)
  • Dye some of my old clothes a new color – I already own a lot of dye
  • Use up all of the scrap fabric and yarn I have laying around, also finish up old sewing and knitting projects

And then of course I won’t be buying much new or used. Hopefully nothing new. I have already decided on what to wear to a coming wedding celebration – something I already have! 🙂


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