Will anything ever be true?

To some, this is a question too far away from reality to take even a little bit seriously. To me however, it is a daily struggle. I have discovered myself to be a true perfectionist, especially when it comes to things other people have to see. Like a blog post, or a picture on Instagram or even just my outfit. It is partially because I don’t like to get negative spotlight in any way, and because I “fear” what others might say. Though I am good at telling myself to “fuck what they think”, it doesn’t work with what they say. I am too sensitive to receive criticism without letting it bother me, and I am too introverted to enjoy it when someone wants to talk with me about a personal topic. Of course there are exceptions, and that leads me back to the title of this post: Will anything ever be completely true?

Now you have seen, that even when I try to make a rule about something as simple as if I like something or not, I can’t say anything for sure. Many days I hear people say that they “absolutely hate something” or the opposite, and it always makes me think how they do it. How can you hate or love something to the bottom of your soul? And I am not talking about people, because I realized (or accepted) long ago that this love is completely irrational and, I guess, indescribable. Love is one thing, but how come someone can absolutely hate nature, cities, children, reading, running or a certain type of food? Aren’t we just saying this because we feel like we have to say something? Someone who hates nature, will maybe like it someday if he somehow combines it with something (or someone) he loves. Same goes for loving a certain type of food – one day you might have a bad experiences or learn something new, that will change the way you taste it.

Something could be true, like completely true, right now that’s for sure. In a minute, it might not be true anymore. If this is our definition of true, that it just have to be true in this instance, then yes, there is such a thing as something completely true, real and honest. This, however, is a vague definition of a word and it sure isn’t the one you should go for if you ever want someone to trust you. You should probably not doubt everything either. We can like and dislike things, and we can change our minds. I know for myself that I am both a complete paradox and a teenager, so I think I have the right to change my mind. Really, anybody has, it’s a free world.

Because of my perfectionist nature, I do not believe this question to be answered yet and it probably never will. Though I do think this blog post is as perfect as it can be now.


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