I don’t like small-talk, but I hate the absence of it

Being an introvert, I prefer more meaningful conversations as supposed to small-talk. Talking about something that doesn’t really matter on the long run really drains me, and this human contact seems almost unnecessary. I mean, who actually finds it interesting to know someones life story without knowing how they feel about it? That to me is like getting a lot of presents without opening them. But I guess some prefer the pretty packaging instead of the ugly sweater from grandma? Though the packaging is store-bought and the sweater is homemade. Sorry, I will not go deeper, but I think you got the point.

On the other hand, I also get absolutely freaked out when someone skips the small-talk. When they talk to you as if they had known you forever, but you actually just met. Skipping name, hometown and favorite hobbies, and going straight to biggest goal in life. Like, how do you even think someone would open up that fast? I cannot do that. It might also be because I don’t know the perfect answer to that question, which I prefer to do. I do not like to be asked something I don’t know the answer to.

I know, it doesn’t sound easy, but conversations aren’t easy. At least not to me. And if you think they are easy, it might be because you don’t really think about what you actually say. Don’t drain me with boring facts, but don’t expect me to tell you everything. Keep it to something that interests us both, without being to personal, and you might be getting me as a friend soon. One step at a time.

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