Week 2: Sydney & Blue Mountains

We went to the Blue Mountains Monday morning. We made a stop in Katoomba, and had lunch at a cute little place with loads of teapots, as shown below. I had a cauliflower soup, and we all had scones and tea afterwards.


Scones and tea

When we had had our lunch, we went to see the three sisters. There were a lot of (other) tourists, but for a reason. It was an amazing view. Below is a picture of the three sisters, followed by a picture of three girls. As you can probably tell, it was pretty windy.

The three sisters

The three girls

From the three sisters, we went to Blackheath, where we had a house for two nights. It had three bedrooms, and a living room with four couches. They were so comfortable, and we spend the night watching a movie and having dinner. We had some leftover chocolate cake for dessert. Yum.

. . .

On Tuesday we drove to the Jenolan Caves. On our way there, we saw a Wallaby but I didn’t manage to get a picture of it because we just drove by it. I am sure Google has some. At the caves we had a sandwich, and waited around until the tour we had booked started. We went into the Lucas Cave, a tour of 1½ hour with 900-something steps. The caves were discovered in 1838, and is made of limestone. Below is a picture from outside the cave, and inside.

Pool of water

Inside the Lucas Cave

On our way back to the car, we saw a wombat! That was so cool!


. . .

We went out for breakfast the next morning. I got French toast with banana, bacon and maple syrup, as on the picture. It was very delicious.

French toast

We went back to the house, and packed up our stuff. Then we went to Katoomba again, and did some touristy things. We went to the Waradah Aboriginal Centre, a museum with a bit about the Australian history and Aboriginal paintings. It was really interesting, and I loved the colors on the paintings. Afterwards, we went out to have lunch. We went to Paragon, and I had a sandwich. On the way out we bought some chocolates to take home.


We drove back to Milperra. The girls’ cousin, Indigo, came over and we played games and watched a movie. When the movie was finished, it was late and I went to bed.

. . .

We all got up kind of late on Thursday, and me and Emma went to Sydney. We had lunch at Peppers Lunch, a really cool place on George Street (go there). You get your food served on hot plates, and then you have to cook and mix it yourself. So cool!

Peppers Lunch


When we had had lunch, it was pouring outside. But we had brought an umbrella, so we walked anyway. We went to see Darling Harbor, and after that we went to the Contemporary Art Museum. They had some fun and inspirational stuff, involving lights, body parts, religion and refugees. Modern art should be experienced not explained. We went back home, and Emma went out for a birthday party. We had pizza for dinner, and after a bit of writing and reading, I went to bed.

. . .

Me and Emma got up before 8 today (Friday). We were meeting up with some of the other scouts, to go mountain biking. We went to the Blue Mountains by car, and went a bit by train as well. I borrowed a bike and a helmet. We started out on a quite wide road, with a bit of stones on it and a lot of hills. At the end of that bit we had lunch (muesli-bars, because we didn’t expect it to be that late).


Then came a single track through more of a forest, which was pretty cool. It was very bumpy, went over huge stones and water puddles, but it was a lot of fun. It definitely inspired me to do more crazy stuff like that.


On our way home, we stopped at a Bakehouse in Glensbrook and had pies. It was very good, and filled me up a bit. Even though I had pie, I still had some more dinner when we came home. Emma, Lily, Indigo and I watched a movie, and I went to bed.

. . .

I went to Sydney again on Saturday, this time with Helen and James. We went to the Blak Market at Barangaroo, a beautiful market made to celebrate the Aboriginals. This week was national Aboriginal week. We walked around there for a bit, and on our way to another market, we bumped into Petra and her host family. We talked for a bit, and then we walked back to the car. We came back home, and picked up Lily and Indigo and went out for Thai food.

Blak market

. . .

Sunday was a relaxing day. We didn’t really do much, went up to the shops a couple of times and walked the dog. In the afternoon we made lamingtons and hindbærsnitter, and watched a movie.



Next week is my last week in Sydney. I will be going to Newtown, Kiama and on a hike near the Jenolan Caves.


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