My happy place

In my perfect life, no such thing as money exists. There is simply me and my dreams, and absolutely no pressure not to seek them out. In that life, I would live far away. I would have collected a few dear friends, with whom I shared interests. I would bring them with me, and we would start from scratch. We would help each other chase our dreams, but never reach them because that is not what dreams are for. We would have no reason to worry but what we made ourselves, so we would do the least amount of stuff. Each of us could have our place that we loved, as well as the opportunity to change it. We would grow our own food; take care of our own bodies. We would use nature as therapy and each other for advice. We would inspire each other, but never feel superior. In a perfect world, every little detail would be in balance. Nothing would interrupt the peace, and love would exists within all of us as well as between us. There would be no need for a stream of words, while we all would know it anyway. Sudden moves would not be needed; ‘stress’ and ‘hurry’ would be foreign words.

This is where my mind wanders from time to time. To this utopia that will never be reality. It is my happy place, my biggest dream. I dare dream this dream, because dreams will have changed before they come true. Dream away out there, even if your dream scares you at first.


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