Fighting laziness

Being a teenager has never really been my favorite thing. The day before my 13th birthday, I told my mom that I would never get lazy and sleep in late. I hated how every teenager where so damn busy being tired that they didn’t do anything else. I hated that they didn’t have the energy to jump around, and dressed in boring baggy clothes. The first couple of my teenage years went pretty well. I kept my child spirit, could still get up early, and still fancied a good old jump in the puddles outside. At this point in my life, my fourth year as a teenager, I have to try my hardest to avoid the signs of a true teenager. I still wake up later for every day, and when I am finally up, I feel the laziness coming. Every day is a fight, to not become that annoying lazy teenager I remember from when I was twelve. I have so many ideas and wishes and dreams, and being tired all the time frustrates me. That means that I have absolutely no energy, and can’t  get myself to fulfill the tasks I have to do or want to do.

So wake up early tomorrow. Jump in a puddle. Stay in the rain with no worries. Wear a tulle skirt. Draw something childish. Dance. Sing. Do not care. Fight for what you want.


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