A walk in the woods

A while ago I wrote an assignment about a travel around the world. It was a sort of podcast I think, and I described places that I have been, all over the world. The place on that list that is dearest to me, is the forest near my house. I went there today with my family, and it was just as magical as always. There is just nothing like a walk with your loved ones in a beautiful place, that can lift things of your chest, and bring you into that nearly ecstatic feeling of pure joy. It helped a lot today that the weather was so nice. It was one of those lovely sunny spring days, where it’s finally hot enough to take of your coat. The trees does not have leaves yet (which I am really excited for them to have, it’s such an amazing green color) but there was still something spring-like about the forest. Maybe it was the intense green color of the moss on the fallen trees, or the tiny anemones peeking up through the ground. Everything in a forest is so messy, with fallen trees with their roots above the ground, and sticks everywhere pointing in any possible direction. But the mess doesn’t really matter! It’s part of it all, and on a day like that, the smell of the freshness in the air and the feeling of the sun on your face; that was the cherry on the top.



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