If I were to draw my head…

… I would start with my neck. Draw it simple, and the face simple to. No expressions – to the outside it would seem nice and organized. I would draw my skull cut open, and in my head there would be no brain. Instead there would be a hundred different people, some tall, some small, some happy, some sad. One of them would tell me to cry, another to dance. One would tell me: “Gorgeous”, another would say I’m ugly. A fancy looking girl would tell me to dress as I want, but when I do, another would tell me I shouldn’t have done it. In a crazy crowd, one would be of right mind and yell what I should do. But I wouldn’t hear it from the fear of the others. At times they would all start jumping to cause me headache, or lay around not willing to do a thing. Sometimes they work like a team, and I would draw them building a ship. And sometimes they would sit by themselves not willing to talk nor cooperate.

But I can’t draw.


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