The perfect ski-trip

It’s hard to explain why skiing is so much fun. I mean, you don’t do that much, after all it’s just up and down and up and down. But there are so many little things that make these vacations beat a lot of other activities. To start with, you wake up like on any other vacation. But instead of real clothes, you put on those soft woolen clothes and cozy socks. When you’ve eaten your breakfast, you put on even more clothes, to make everyone look like the Michelin-man before you all go out the door.
The good things double as you arrive to the ski resort. It’s the clumsiness when everyone is walking around in giant boots, carrying heavy skis, trying to find each other and get up the hill. It’s finally getting up on the mountain and get your skis on. It’s skiing down that very first slope still all fresh and free of people. It’s the feeling inside when you go real fast, and the tears in your eyes from the cold wind. When you get down, with a red running nose and dry lips and hands.
But that is just the start. The good stuff is also, when you almost fall. When you fall. When your friend falls without even moving, or when you can’t stop laughing (for no reason). When you find a sunny spot to eat your lunch and drink your hot whatever, and feel the sun burning your face. Or even when it’s snowy out, and everyone is gathered in those little huts, drinking hot chocolate and eating waffles. It’s going up the lifts, having those talks about everything and nothing. It’s stopping in the middle of everything because someone is having a crisis, and finding that extra piece of squished chocolate in your pocket. It’s getting lost with a friend. It’s being crazy on the kids slope. It’s not caring how you look and what you eat, it’s going both slow and fast. It’s every emotion possible.


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