Make your own tulle-skirt

I am a big fan of ballet, of many reasons, but the best part is definitely their skirts and dresses. I have been experiencing a bit with making something like it myself, and I am quite happy with the result.

You will need:

  • About 8 meters of tulle, in different colors
  • A piece of elastic fabric
  • An elastic, long enough to fit around your waiste
  • Pins, thread, tape measure, scissors and so on

Cut the tulle out in 1 meter pieces (the fabric will most likely be 1,4 meters wide). Cut each piece in an oval-shaped circle.

IMGP0537 IMGP0538

Measure around the widest place on your hips. Divide the measurement with pi times two, to get the radius of the circle you want to cut. Fold each piece of fabric twice, and cut out a circle on it, as shown on the picture.


Put all the pieces of fabric on top of each other, with the holes exactly the same place. Sew the pieces together around the edge of the inner circle, with needle and thread.


Cut out the piece of white fabric. You want it to be 30 cm x the measure around your waist. Fold the short edges, and sew them. Fold the long edges on each side, and secure them around the inner circle with pins. Leave the ends open, so the elastic can come through.

IMGP0544 IMGP0553 IMGP0555

Sew the fabric on, while stretching it a bit. Put the elastic inside the white fabric, using a long needle, and sew it in the ends.

IMGP0572 IMGP0569


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